Dr. Christoph Reimann

Dr. Christoph Reimann LL.M. oec. Int.

Christoph Reimann is a lawyer and specializes in banking and capital market law. He advises and represents banks, insurance companies and other financial services providers in all matters relating to banking and insolvency law. A major focus of his activities is advising banks on the restructuring, wind-up and insolvency of bank clients. Christoph Reimann is also a lecturer at the Sparkasse Academy of North Rhine-Westphalia and at the Education Training Establishment of the North Rhine-Westphalian Economy. Furthermore, he advises and represents companies in the field of product liability law. Before joining Grüter, he was a partner in the law firm Streitbörger. 

He speaks fluent English.

Christoph Reimann studied law in Halle (Saale). After passing his first state law exam in 1997, he obtained his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haas in the field of sports law. During his doctoral studies, he completed additional studies in business law at the University of Halle/Saale, graduating in 2001 with an LL.M. oec. int. This was followed by his legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Oldenburg. In 2004, he was admitted to the bar. From 2008 until the end of 2023, he was Partner at law firm Streitbörger PartGmbB.

Heßlerstraße 40
59065 Hamm

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